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The field of cancer survivorship is insufficiently researched worldwide. We aim to conduct and support research on cancer survivorship to identify issues related to this field, identify research methods, establish care programs, and implement standardized care based on scientific evidence in multiple locations. To this end, we aim to operate a research organization with interdisciplinary members, including healthcare professionals, cancer survivors, and their families, supporters such as patient groups, and researchers for the implementation of research findings.

We work toward a friendly and supportive society for individuals who are diagnosed with cancer, their families, and the general public who may also become related to cancer survivorship.

がんの予防、診断、治療、療養に関連するがんサバイバーシップのアウトカム改善を目指し、1)質の高いエビデンス創出が期待される研究を推進し、2)エビデンスに基づく情報を作成、公表します。To improve cancer survivorship outcomes related to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care, we 1) promote research with the potential to generate high-quality evidence and 2) produce and publish evidence-based information.



複数の考え方があり、例えば最初の治療が終わった後や、がんの診断以降すべてを含むなど、研究課題によっても様々な定義が用いられています。私たちは議論の結果、以下の定義を採用しますが、必要に応じて定期的に見直していくこととしました。The term “cancer survivorship” has a range of definitions, with some including the period after the initial treatment is completed or everything that comes after the cancer diagnosis, depending on the research question. We adopted the following definitions after discussion, although they may be revisited periodically as required. These definitions are not intended to shape the definitions of concrete studies.

がんサバイバーシップとはWhat is Cancer Survivorship?

がんの診断と治療の両方によって生じる広範な影響を受けている状態に焦点を当てる考え方。がんの診断後の人生や生活のプロセス全体を通して、健康、心身の状態、健康行動、仕事、個人としてのアイデンティティ、セクシュアリティ、経済状態などへの短期的・長期的、また潜在的に生じる影響を含む。Cancer survivorship is a concept that focuses on a broad range of conditions that result from both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
It includes short- and long-term, as well as potential, effects occurring after a cancer diagnosis and throughout the entire life course. The impacts include those on their physical and mental status, healthy behaviors, professional life, personal identity, sexuality, financial situation, and more.

がんサバイバーとはWho is a Cancer Survivor?

がんを経験した人で、がんと診断されたときから人生の最期まで含む。家族、友人、介護者もサバイバーシップの経験によって影響を受けるため含まれる。An individual is considered to be a cancer survivor from the time of cancer diagnosis to their final days of life. Family, friends, and caregivers are also included under this term as they are affected by the survivorship experience.


そのために、患者・市民参画(PPI, Patient and Public Involvement)を積極的に推進し、様々な立場のステークホルダーと協働して活動を進めます。
We aim to generate evidence-based care by conducting and supporting quality research related to cancer survivorship and to deliver it for cancer survivors and their families in need, as well as for the supporters around them.
To this end, we proactively promote Patient and Public Involvement (PPI, Patient and Public Involvement) and work collaboratively with stakeholders from diverse perspectives.